EXTRA MUROS Czech Republic
Extra Muros - Czech Republic is the result of the fourth edition of FLEE's creative residency program which took place in December 2022 on the dance floor of Prague's most infamous nightclub Ankali.

For two weeks on wooden floor, and under a yellow-tinted skylight, the room usually filled with movement and vibrations became home to six musicians and producers from the Czech Republic and all over the world who came together to experiment on new sounds, inspired by a large variety of artistic environments and soundscapes.

Documenting from various perspectives the music production process, capturing those exchanges, this compilation celebrates a unique form of artistic expression and collaboration.

This release includes nine unique compositions by Jay Glass Dubs, Oliver Torr, Haich Ber Na, Rlung, Timmi & Andriy Kostyukov. Limited edition (300 copies).
Extra Muros Czech Republic digital compilation including two exclusive digital only tracks
140gr LP Compilation, shrink-wrapped, 31,3x31,3cm