EXTRA MUROS Switzerland
Extra Muros - Switzerland is the result of the third edition of FLEE's creative residency program which took place in December 2021 in the Museum of Ethnography of Geneva.

For two weeks, five musicians and producers from all over the world came together to experiment on new sounds. Within the centre for creation and archiving of the Geneva-based museum, the residency allowed participating artists to discover one of Europe's largest sonic archives dedicated to field recordings and regrouping over 120.000 entries.

In addition, the selected artists had a rare occasion to experiment on traditional instruments as well as contribute to the creation of a new unique sonic database.

This release includes twelve unique compositions by Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Maria Spivak, Nabihah Iqbal, Prins Emanuel & Cosmic Neman. Limited edition (300 copies).
Extra Muros Switzerland CD compilation including five exclusive CD only tracks
Extra Muros Switzerland digital compilation including five exclusive digital only tracks
140gr LP Compilation, shrink-wrapped, 31,3x31,3cm